Queensland Based Cycling Team Signs International Rider Exchange Agreement


The Queensland based Downer EDi Mining – Erdinger Alkoholfrei national cycling team has signed an international rider exchange agreement with Finnish based TWD-Länken. The partnership agreement that has been in the planning phase for the last 12-months, involves the exchange of riders and coaching knowhow between the two teams

Under the agreement, TWD-Länken riders will travel from Finland to Australia during Europe's long winter months to train and race and DEM-EA riders will fly across to Europe to race continental races in the TWD-Länken ranks during European spring and summer. ‘Our teams have a very similar focus,’ said TWD-Länken’s director Esko Lummelampi, ‘mainly the development of young talent for international careers in cycling.’

While the ink is still fresh on the agreement, the exchange program commences already next month, when TWD-Länken’s Mikko Paajanen arrives in Australia mid-November. Paajanen’s trip Down Under follows a season spent at UCI’s World Cycling Centre in Switzerland and his recent efforts in the Tour d’Azerbaidjan and the Baltic Chain Tour, where TWD- Länken held the yellow jersey until the second last stage of the tour.

'The primary commitment and purpose of our Brisbane based Downer EDi Mining - Erdinger Alkoholfrei team, is to provide opportunities for young riders who have the potential of breaking into professional ranks to achieve their goals,' said the team's Director Sportif Dave Carman. Sporting such talent as Queensland champions Dylan Newbery and Ben Carman, as well as world champion Tirian McManus, the team is very excited over what is a unique partnership for an Australian based team. 'Our partnership with TWD-Länken is a significant step in providing opportunities for our riders and we believe that both teams will benefit from this arrangement.

'We see a great need to develop young talent holistically, not just do well as competitive cyclists, but to assist them in becoming sports people who excel in every area of life. Opportunities to race overseas provide valuable life lessons in assisting young riders in this, hence the partnership with TWD-Länken is a strategic development for the team and of paramount importance,' Dave Carman explained.



Media Contact: Dave Carman, phone: 0428 743 517