Aleksi Hänninen

Address: Veegankatu 7, 06100 Porvoo, Finland
Phone: +358405755682
Born: 1.4.1996
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Team: TWD-Länken, Finland from 2017 (Porvoon Akilles -> 2016) / NWVG FILA Cycling Team, Netherlands
Coach: Teppo Karhu

My cycling background

I first started cycling at the age of ten and I have been riding ever since. Before the junior category it was basically a hobby I liked and never really put in the effort. At the age of 16 Kjell started to coach me and it was the first time I focused cycling for 365 days/year. I think I was alright before that as well, since I was a big sized for my age but In the junior category I really started to improve.
In the first year of the junior category I mostly raced in Finland although I raced few races in Sweden as well. Second year as a junior I was in this Fincycling project and got to race some UCI races through the year. I Didn’t really get the results I wanted to achieve, but I did alright and by alright I mean some top 20 results and everytime I finished a race I was in the first 1/3 in the GC. After that I really haven’t had a chance to race anywhere else than Finland most of the year because I haven’t finished my school just yet but after I am done with it my goal is to get better and better and see where that goes.

Me as a cyclist

It has always been important for me to get in the breakaways, maybe because I am not that good in the sprints. I’d like to think that as a cyclist I am all rounder. I am doing alright in the TT’s, I think I am okey in the hills/mountains and do alright in the flats. I am really brave as a cyclist and I’m not afraid of trying late breakaways or going solo in the last kilometers. For example 2015 roadrace championships I was in the second breakaway group formed mostly from u23 riders. There were some strong sprinters so I had to try to win the race before the sprint. I attacked approximately 1.5km from the finish line and it was a good try but the strongest u23 rider from the group caught me 100meters from the line. Also in 2016 championships I tried a late attack but it didn’t work out the way I wanted.

Results from 2013-2016

National championships MJ-road race, 3rd  (2013)
National championships MJ-TT, 3rd (2013)
National championships twin-tt, 1st (2013)
National championships MJ-road race, 1st  (2014)
National championships MJ-criterium, 1st  (2014)
National championships twin-tt, 1st (2014)
Cup of Zemgale, Latvia Stage 2a 2nd place and the race lead
Cup of Zemgale, Latvia stage 2b 4th place, 3rd in the Gc
Cup of Zemgale, Latvia 3rd in the GC

National championships MU23- road race, 2nd (2015) (5th place In the elite category)
2nd place in Lauri Aus memorial race in Estonia (2015) (1st place in the u23 category)
2nd place in Lauri Aus memorial race in Estonia (2016) (1st place in the u23 category)
Nurmijärvi  GP, Finland 1st in the elite category
National championships MU23-road race, 3rd  (2016) (9th place in the elite category)
National championships MU23-TT, 3rd  (2016)